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steam engine

Steam trains

I enjoy traveling behind a steam engine and I enjoy watching them go past. No I do not have a harking for a bygone age, no I do not revel in their sounds (nor smells), but there is something about them I enjoy.

Not content with plenty of trips to travel behind a number of engines, I volunteer for a heritage railway in Tywyn. The Talyllyn Railway is a narrow guage railway running through the Fathew valley with some beautiful scenery.


Woodcraft Folk

I was involved in this youth organisation as a child, as was my mother and grandmother before me. As my children grew up I wanted them to experience the good things I enjoyed as a child. I started my own group in Kingsteignton in 1992 and ran it until 2012. During that time I was also involved in the national organisation, chair of the South West Regional Committee for a while and a member of the IT group at the National level.